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I'm Dana Camp, the founder of Numbers 2 Success, and I want to show you that what I do is so much more than numerology! 

As your Intuitive Numerological Guide and Spiritual Life Coach, I work with you to help you grow and bring clarity to your journey. Together we will uncover answers using your unique gifts and challenges in this life to bring you fulfillment and happiness. Numerology gives me an outline of your energies from your name and birthday. Anyone can purchase a mystified prefabricated interpretation online, my spirit guided gift is in my ability to interpret your numbers and their placement in your journey with you personally and help you remove blocks, uncover your strengths and even utilize your challenges through awareness, helping you reach your highest potential for fulfillment and happiness.

Working together, we will use your numbers to uncover your life purpose, communication styles, personality, feelings, and even the hidden energies that affect you in your day-to-day life. 

My office is located in the Guided By Angels- A Center for Healing, 10719 Mockingbird Dr., Omaha, Nebraska 68127. I am also available via phone, Facebook messenger or FaceTime!

 How can Numerology help me?

Numerology is all about energy, your vibration, but what does it really mean to you? How can this tool improve your life? 
Simply stated - relationships. Your relationship with yourself and any other relationships you could possibly have. Work, spouse, kids, parents, siblings, friends, literally every other person you meet. 

Once you understand a person on this energetic motivational level you have the power to get the best out of each relationship and situations. It creates a spiritual connection, a compassionate core of understanding and positivity that removes doubt and replaces it with acceptance and unconditional love for humanity, the strengths and challenges we all face everyday. I will describe your lifepath purpose and what brings you fulfillment & frustration, the attitude you live out your lifepath with, first impression and why it can be misleading, personality, how you feel on the inside-soul, power of your name/Destiny, this is energy your parents tasked you with. We will discuss your strengths & challenges, those you chose for this journey. 

Hard to believe something so incredible has been around since Ancient Greek times.  There are several versions of numerology. The version I resonate with and use for my readings was developed by Pythagoras, a well know Greek Mathematician, Philosopher, and Spiritualist. It is one of the easiest divine tools around because it is science based & blended with spirituality, this makes it easier to understand. This divine tool can go deep into your life, breakdown not only you, but also the year's, month's and day's energy specific to you. If you read about the history of numerology you will find it was taken to a fanatical level by some that considered it a religion.  I do not subscribe to this way of use and see it only as a tool and guide on our journey together. My services do not include annual prediction charting, simply because I believe in free will. To me, your birth chart, the one I read, is a blueprint, an outline of your incarnated purpose and the rest is for you to fill in, there are too many free will factors to use it as an absolute prediction tool. I'm here as a spiritual and inspirational coach, to guide you, not dictate your life with Numerology. Free will to choose a path of positivity or negativity is a personal decision and is the reason I choose not to do predictive annual charting. The energy of the day in combination with your +\- energetic state as well as the same in those you interact with are the free will factors. Call it the ripple or butterfly effect. Destiny is taking the wheel of your life, the positive & love driven choice, Fate is giving up the wheel to those around you, the negative & fear driven choice.  

Energies Read:

Life Path Number
Your purpose; fulfilling it brings you happiness.

Birthday Number
This energy influences your lifepath and runs in the background.

Attitude Number
How you communicate with others, including what 
they expect from you.

Soul Number
How you feel on the inside; only those close to you 
will see this side of you.

Personality Number
How you appear to others.

Power of Name Number
Affects many aspects of your energy, but can also be 
altered to enhance your success.

Destiny Number
A hidden energy that your parents gave to you; one way or another, it will manifest itself.

Intensity Number
When numbers show up repeatedly in your journey, 
their energies are amplified!

Personal Year & World Year 
Everything runs in cycles of 9, including our years. 
The personal year influences in addition to the 
world's vibration that affect us all. 

What can you expect in the coming year?
Let me help you understand how your personal year in the cycle of 9 will affect you.

Contact me today to set up your personal reading! >>>

Kids, Babies, & Families

I have a passion for helping kids get the most out of their childhoods and families to better understand one another!

Got Kiddos?
Let me help you understand them and how to help them shine in their own unique ways.

Having a Baby? 
Names are powerful! The name you choose for your baby will create a destiny vibration that cannot be changed.

Having a Planned C-Section?
Let's look at the most compatible date for your new angel to join the family.


So much of life comes from understanding others: our partners, parents, siblings, children, friends, and coworkers. 

Numerology helps you to see how your numbers complement one another or create challenges in your relationship.

Have a Marriage Coming Up?

Your name is indeed very powerful! Changing it can change the vibrations with your sweetie for better or for worse. Let's make sure changing your last name will enhance your relationship and not create any challenges!


Moving to a New Home?
The vibration of the home will have an impact on those residing in it. 

Starting a Business?
Your name and business name compatibility matter, as does your business address.

Have an Existing Business?
Get the most out of your employees. Use their individual strengths to grow your business more efficiently and inspire them to give you their best.

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