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I am currently available for radio opportunities.

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I am excited to announce,
I am taking the next step on my journey. 
I have joined 

We are located at
 10701 Mockingbird Drive,
Omaha, NE 68127

Numerology 101 Class

Learn how to add up and break down your numbers and the numbers of those you love! You will learn the basics of

calculating the numbers, their meanings, and their placement in a chart. This is a fun and useful tool you can use throughout your life to understand yourself and others better! Classes are limited to 10 students so that everyone get time and personal attention to answers questions. Upcoming classes are listed below. Stay tuned to my Facebook page for the latest on my upcoming events and classes! Follow me on Facebook >>> 

Up Coming Classes



Sunday-April 14, 2019


Hosted by: 


10701 Mockingbird Drive

Omaha, NE 68127

Cost: $60.00

For reservations call: 402-960-0624

This is a 3 hour long class.

Space is limited to no more than 10 students. 

Please bring a notebook and pen/pencil, calculator are welcome. 

Pencil is recommended for making corrections. 

The math will only be simple adding of single digits. No stress. ;)

Local Readings
Next Millennium Books & Gifts

I will be doing 15-minute mini readings for $25 or if time allows, 30-minute extended readings for $50!

Next Millennium Mystical Books and Gifts
3141 North 93rd Street
Omaha, NE 69134

Future Appearances:

Most every 3rd Tuesday of each month 3pm to 7pm!
Call to confirm 402-393-1121