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Personal Readings

1/2 hour $50.00


1.5 hour initial reading $100.00

*best value

Includes the energies for all the following numbers:

Birthday, Life Path, Attitude, Soul, Personality, Power of Name, Intensity, Personal year/World year, and Destiny. 
The 1.5 hour session goes much deeper and includes discovering your Birth Angels and more!

Required Information for a Reading:

Full Birth Date: MM-DD-YYYY
Current Name: First and Last
Full Birth Certificate Name 
Time of Birth (including am or pm)

My readings are done intuitively with numerology chart as a guide. 
You are always welcome to take notes or record your reading.

***It is highly recommended to book a 1.5 hour 
session for your initial reading.

Relationship Compatibility 

Sessions are 2 hours

I require from both parties being read: 

Full birth certificate names, currently used names, and full birth date

 (ex: 00/00/0000).  I read the compatibility between the 2 parties involved, help identify the strengths and challenges in the relationship and provide valuable tools to make the most of the relationship through compassion and communication. These readings help you in understanding each other on an vibrational or energetic level, this includes all types of relationships - partners, family, children, soulmate connections, coworkers/supervisors, or any other person you seek greater insight with and the tools to get the best from your connection with them. This type reading offers incredible insights to any relationship, even offering insights into past relationships and why they ended. This takes any relationship to new levels of awareness and compassion.

*Please note: The other person does not need to be present but you do need to know name and birthday information.

Follow Up Readings 

1/2 hour $50.00


1 hour  $100.00

This service is for returning clients who are looking for further insight into their current situations or review of their personal year & world year. After your initial reading you may find life events and new people entering your life and looking for clarity.  Whether it be an upcoming marriage and questions about the possible effects of changing your last name, expecting a baby, an address for a new home or place of business, a name change due to divorce,  or simply wanting to reinvent the way other interact with you. Even starting a business and needing to find the right vibration in a successful name for it, this is the reading for you! 

Let's catch up!

Group Reading Parties

Getting friends and loved ones together can not only be fun, but also illuminating for everyone involved! Exploring your personal path and the paths of those you love will bring you and them a greater understanding of everyone's challenges and gifts, lending new levels of compassion for one another, and growing your closeness. 

Parties are great fun! These can be personalized with the options below:

1) Per guest at $50 per person (minimum of 3 guests and max of 10)
2) Hourly at $125, these type parties I do as many readings as possible or you can divide time among your guests as you please. 
(minimum of 2 hours)

Variables for Parties:

- Driving time & distance, anything more than 10 miles or 30 minutes may require an additional fee (I am located in Omaha, NE)

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*I am based out of Soulworks
 10719 Mockingbird Drive, 
Omaha, Nebraska 68127. 

*Readings do not need to be done in person, they can easily be done by phone or Skype.